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Introducing our Female Fiber with Fabric Black Redline FFVAF Redline Fitting Form – the ultimate tool for fashion professionals and enthusiasts alike. This versatile mannequin is designed to elevate your garment presentations and help you create stunning displays with ease.


Available in a range of sizes, including XS (30-22-32"), S (32-24-33"), M (34-26-35"), and L (36-28-36"), our fitting form caters to a variety of fashion needs. No matter the size, you can trust this mannequin to beautifully showcase your creations.


The Female Fiber with Fabric Black Redline FFVAF Redline Fitting Form is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The striking black finish with red accents adds a touch of sophistication and style to your presentations. Its fabric covering ensures that your garments stay securely in place.


One of the standout features of this fitting form is its pinnable surface, allowing you to easily adjust and tailor garments, making it an ideal choice for designers and fashion enthusiasts who demand precision.


Please note that the stand is not included, but the versatility and utility of this fitting form make it a valuable addition to your workspace. It's the perfect tool to bring your fashion ideas to life, whether you're a professional designer, a boutique owner, or a fashion enthusiast looking to enhance your personal style.


Elevate your fashion displays and create stunning showcases with our Female Fiber with Fabric Black Redline FFVAF Redline Fitting Form – the choice of those who demand quality, style, and functionality in their creative endeavors.

FEMALE FITTING FORM Female Fiber with Fabric Black Redline FFVAF Redline

  • Thank you for choosing our Female Fiber with Fabric Black Redline Fitting Form (FFVAF Redline). To ensure your fitting form maintains its quality and longevity, please follow these care instructions:

    General Care:

    • Handling: Always handle the fitting form with clean and dry hands to avoid stains and damage to the fabric.

    • Cleaning: Avoid exposing the form to direct sunlight for extended periods as this may cause fabric fading.

    Stain Removal:

    • Fabric Spots: Use a damp cloth or sponge to gently dab and remove any fabric spots. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that may damage the fabric.

    • Metallic Stand Attachment (if applicable): If you're using a metallic stand attachment, wipe it clean with a soft, damp cloth to maintain its appearance.

    Adjusting and Maintaining Size:

    • Pinnable Feature: Our fitting form is pinnable, allowing you to adjust the fit for various garment sizes. Use pins and other fitting accessories to customize the form to your requirements.


    • Cover: When not in use, consider covering the fitting form with a fabric or plastic cover to protect it from dust and potential damage.

    • Indoor Storage: Store your fitting form indoors in a dry and cool environment to prevent any humidity-related damage.

    Sizes Available:

    • XS: 30-22-32" (Bust-Waist-Hips)
    • S: 32-24-33"
    • M: 34-26-35"
    • L: 36-28-36"

    Note: The stand is not included with the fitting form.

    Following these care instructions will help you maintain the quality and appearance of your Female Fiber with Fabric Black Redline Fitting Form (FFVAF Redline). Enjoy using it for your creative and professional needs!

  • Thank you for choosing our Female Fiber Fitting Form in Black Redline! Here are the pick-up instructions to ensure a smooth experience:

    1. Schedule Your Pick-Up:

    • Before visiting our pick-up location, please make sure to schedule an appointment. You can do this by calling our customer service or through the online booking system.

    2. Verify Your Order:

    • Have your order confirmation or receipt ready. This will help us quickly locate your specific Fitting Form.

    3. Bring Proper Identification:

    • Please bring a valid photo ID and a copy of your order confirmation.

    4. Prepare for Transport:

    • Ensure that you have a suitable vehicle for transporting the Fitting Form safely. The Fitting Form is delicate, and we recommend securing it properly in your vehicle to prevent any damage during transportation.

    5. Check Sizes:

    • Double-check that you are picking up the correct size. We offer XS, S, M, and L sizes, so make sure you receive the size you ordered.

    6. Secure the Fitting Form:

    • While the stand is not included, our Fitting Form is pinnable. Please ensure it is properly secured and won't move during transportation. You may want to bring pins or other suitable securing materials.

    7. Ask for Assistance:

    • If you need assistance loading the Fitting Form into your vehicle, please don't hesitate to ask our staff for help. We're here to ensure a safe and efficient pick-up process.

    8. Sign Pick-Up Confirmation:

    • Once you've received your Fitting Form, you may be asked to sign a pick-up confirmation to acknowledge that you've received the product in good condition.

    9. Transport Safely:

    • Drive carefully and ensure that your Fitting Form arrives at your destination without any damage. Take into consideration any rough roads or bumps along the way.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the pick-up process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We want to make sure you're fully satisfied with your purchase and that the Fitting Form arrives in perfect condition for your needs. Thank you for choosing our Female Fiber Fitting Form in Black Redline!

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