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Introducing the PLASTIC HANGER Shirt & Coat Top Hanger Thin Smoke -640, the epitome of functionality and style for your clothing store or boutique. This hanger is designed with meticulous attention to detail, catering to the needs of fashion retailers who prioritize quality presentation.

The 15-inch metal hook provides durability and stability, ensuring that your garments hang securely. The thin smoke color adds a touch of sophistication, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic that complements any clothing display.


Ideal for both shirts and coats, this hanger offers versatility to showcase a variety of garments with elegance. The slim design optimizes space in your store, allowing you to maximize your display capacity without sacrificing style.


What sets this hanger apart is its compatibility with logo printing, providing a unique branding opportunity for your business. Customize the hangers with your boutique's logo or name, reinforcing brand identity and creating a cohesive and professional look throughout your store.


Invest in the PLASTIC HANGER Shirt & Coat Top Hanger Thin Smoke -640 for a reliable and visually appealing solution to your clothing display needs. Elevate the shopping experience for your customers and make a lasting impression with these high-quality, customizable hangers. Choose functionality, style, and brand cohesion – choose the PLASTIC HANGER Shirt & Coat Top Hanger Thin Smoke -640.

PLASTIC HANGER Shirt & Coat Top Hanger Thin Smoke -640 15" metal hook

    • Cleaning: To keep your plastic hangers looking their best, clean them regularly with a damp cloth or a mild soapy solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the hanger's surface.

    • Avoid Overloading: While plastic hangers are durable, it's essential not to overload them with too much weight. Overloading may cause the hangers to deform or break. Use them within their recommended weight capacity.

    • Store Properly: When not in use, store your plastic hangers in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to heat and UV rays can weaken the plastic over time.

    • Avoid Excessive Heat: Plastic hangers can become misshapen if exposed to high temperatures, so avoid placing them near heaters, radiators, or in direct sunlight for extended periods.

    • Hanging Delicate Fabrics: If you plan to use the hangers for delicate fabrics, consider using soft cloth or padded hanger covers to prevent snagging or stretching of the fabric.

    • Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect your plastic hangers for any signs of wear, damage, or weakness. If you notice any issues, consider replacing them to maintain the integrity of your clothing.

    By following these care instructions, you can extend the lifespan of your plastic hangers and ensure they continue to provide reliable support for your clothing items.

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