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Introducing the ultimate solution for organizing your wardrobe with style and efficiency: the Plastic Hanger Pants & Skirt Hanger in elegant Smoke color. This set of 12-inch hangers is designed to make your closet space more functional, keeping your pants and skirts neatly organized while adding a touch of sophistication to your closet.


Key Features:


Space-Saving Design: These hangers are thoughtfully designed with space-saving in mind. The slim, sleek profile of these hangers allows you to maximize your closet space, so you can fit more clothing items without crowding your closet.


Secure Grip: This is equipped with a reliable clip that securely holds your pants and skirts in place. This prevents them from slipping or falling, keeping your clothes wrinkle-free and ready to wear.


Elegant Smoke Color: The Smoke color of these hangers adds a touch of sophistication to your closet. Whether you have a modern or classic decor, these hangers will blend seamlessly, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your wardrobe.


Durable and Sturdy: Crafted from high-quality plastic, these hangers are built to last. They are designed to withstand the weight of your clothing items, ensuring that your pants and skirts stay in perfect condition.


Versatile: These hangers are not limited to just pants and skirts. They can also be used to hang various clothing items, such as shorts, scarves, belts, and more. Their versatility makes them a valuable addition to any closet.


Upgrade your closet organization game with the Plastic Hanger Pants & Skirt Hanger in Smoke. Not only will your clothing items be neatly hung, but your closet will also exude an air of sophistication. These hangers are not just functional; they are a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Say farewell to the days of messy, overcrowded closets and hello to a more organized and aesthetically pleasing space. Order your set of 12-inch Smoke hangers today and experience the difference in closet organization!

PLASTIC HANGER Pants & Skirt Hanger Smoke-12"- 619 Bottom with Clip Smoke

  • Thank you for choosing Mannequin Inc. for your fashion display needs! To pick up your PLASTIC HANGER Pants & Skirt Hanger Smoke-12"-619 Bottom with Clip Smoke, please follow these instructions:

    Confirmation Required: Before heading to our store, please wait for confirmation from our team to ensure that your order is ready and available for pick-up. We will notify you once your items are prepared.

    Order Confirmation and ID: When you arrive at our store for pick-up, make sure to bring the following:

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    • A valid ID to verify your identity and facilitate a smooth pick-up process.

    Store Hours: Our store operates during the following hours:

    • Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    • Closed on Sundays Please plan your visit within these hours to ensure our staff is on hand to assist you.

    Location: Our store is located at: 55 Tinagan St. Brgy San Jose, Quezon City

    Courier Drop-off Option: If you'd prefer not to pick up your order in person, we also offer a courier drop-off service. To arrange this option, please contact our customer service team. They will guide you through the process and help ensure your items are safely delivered to you.

    For any questions or further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at:

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    We are dedicated to making your shopping experience with Mannequin Inc. as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Thank you for your business, and we look forward to serving you!

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